Judith Albright, MA
EFT Practitioner
PSYCH-K® Facilitator
The Emotion Code® Facilitator
The Next Step:
How to free yourself from false beliefs and negative thinking patterns
that drive addictions and destructive behavior
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12-step programs but could use some additional
support to help you maintain sobriety,
This book is likely the answer you have been    
looking for!

While 12-step programs are a lifeline for people all over
the world, they can only go so far. Another step needs to
be taken—the inner work that goes beyond the
prescribed 12 steps to the root of the problem: the
unresolved emotional issues that elevate stress and fuel

What Can This Book Do For You?

If you are willing to put the time and energy into the
exercises in this workbook, your life will most certainly
change for the better. You will be able to:

  •  Control anxiety
  •  Get through stressful situations without backsliding
  •  Free yourself from negative behavior patterns
  •  Change sabotaging beliefs
  •  Remove the sting of painful memories
  •  Overcome guilt, shame and judgment
  •  Conquer fears and self doubt
  •  Rebuild your self confidence
  •  Increase your self esteem
  •  Improve your personal relationships
  •  Use tools that help you stay emotionally strong
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What do you have to lose except the stress
and painful emotional baggage that has
been haunting you and dragging you
down for years?
The modest cost of $21.95 is an investment   in
your future.

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As you work your way through the step-by-step       
exercises in each section, you will find yourself:

  •  Feeling calmer and less stressed
  •  Releasing the guilt that keeps you stuck in place
  •  Changing old beliefs that have made life a struggle
  •  Forgiving yourself  and others who have harmed you
  •  Changing your mind about how hard life is
  •  Discharging negative energy from your body
  •  Procrastinating less
  •  Seeing your true self with greater clarity
Before I retired as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Judith and
those looking for a solid tool for "peeling another layer off the
onion" to aid their quest for continuing growth. The material in
this book has personally helped both me and my clients, and I
can honestly say that if you do the work Judith teaches so well,
you will gain more than you can now imagine!         
              ~ Randy Mergler, LMFT (retired)
       Substance Abuse Counselor and Coach
                  Fort Collins, Colorado
that if his drinking problem ever overcame him he would
no longer want to live. He managed to maintain sobriety
became too great to bear, he ultimately couldn't face it
without alcohol and ended his life. Beside the chair he
died in was a glass and a half empty bottle.

This happened long before I was trained in the
techniques I use today. I will always wonder if  these
tools could have made a difference in the final outcome.  
It is too late to help Dave now so I wrote the book in his
memory, with the hope that it will help prevent others
from making the same choice he did.
The Next Step Workbook