Don’t live in my area or can’t come to my office? Not a
problem.  All the energy healing modalities I use to help you  
are just as effective on the telephone as they are in person.       
It just involves a little more advance preparation.

This is how it works:

1.        You call for a preliminary consultation and to schedule a
time for your telephone appointment.  We will make
arrangements for payment at that time.

2.       I send you a written confirmation with all necessary
information and paperwork by e-mail or by regular mail if you
do not have e-mail.

3.        You read and familiarize yourself with the material   
prior to your appointment so we can make maximum use of  
our time.

4.        At the appointed time you call the number I give you.

That’s it. If you feel further sessions are necessary or would be
helpful, we can make additional arrangements at the end of
your appointment.

Before You Call:

  • Before our appointment you will need to find a
    comfortable place to sit where you can have quiet and

  • If you have small children please make arrangements for
    their care during this time.

  • If you are talking on a land line, please turn off your cell
    phone to avoid interrupting our session.

  • Have readily available a box of tissues, a bottle or glass of
    water, paper and a pen for making notes.

  • Remove your glasses, watch and any jewelry you may be
    wearing on your wrists or neck.   
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