Adina's Story:

 I went through a very traumatic and violent marriage and divorce. The divorce lasted a very long time
(between 2007 and 2011). To be honest, I could have really benefited from Judith's assistance then, but I
didn't meet her until 2017. I was married to a man who was diagnosed with extreme narcissistic personality
disorder and paranoia. The things he did to my kids and me would make a great horror film. Through the
divorce process, my kids and I were diagnosed with chronic, complex PTSD and as a result I had severe panic
attacks, insomnia, and flash-backs that became almost debilitating. In 2017, my symptoms increased to the
point I finally felt it necessary to seek treatment because I could no longer hide them. My family therapist
directed me to Judith. With her help my PTSD symptoms eased, and I was able to feel better than I had in
years. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but by working with her I was able to sleep for the first time in
years. The panic I was feeling nearly on a daily basis eased, and I was able to function.
  We discovered that one of my major old divorce triggers was my work environment, and although Judith
suggested I find a different job. I remained, but In early 2019, my panic attacks escalated because my work
environment became increasingly more hostile. Because I knew Judith had helped me before, I contacted her
once again. She didn't judge me for staying at this awful job; she just offered to help me once again. Tapping
may not make logical sense to some, but if you just trust the process it is truly amazing how it works and is
surprisingly effective. I have since left my awful job and I feel like myself. I once again have a better outlook
onlife and my future. If you are struggling with fear, worry, self-doubt of having panic attacks, I highly
recommend what Judith offers as it has made a huge impact on me personally. You are worth it!
~ Adina Stiles, Seattle, Washington

Thank you for helping me. I have never slept through the night and though it was a surprise. It was so
refreshing. What you have done has given myself back to me. Thank you!   
- April Pineiro
Fort Collins, CO

In a conversation with a friend of mine, the subject of trapped emotions came up. My friend began to tell me
about the work of Judith Albright. I had experienced some intense, prolonged stress earlier this year and what
my friend shared with me immediately resonated. Since then I've had a number of sessions with Judith and
found the sessions very supportive for helping get me back on track and more at peace. Judith is wonderful to
work with. She is caring, a wonderful listener and very skilled in the work she does. I am grateful to have
found her.
-  Judy Sabah
Denver, Colorado

I've benefited greatly from Judith's EFT expertise in class, private consultation and as a participant in her
monthly EFT circles. She is very thorough and knowledgeable about EFT and has helped me understand and
release some fears I had regarding pain I was experiencing.
- Dora H.
Fort Collins, CO

I just want to say thank you for everything…for helping me become the best me that I can be, for holding the
mirror as it were.
- Penny LaViolette
Fort Collins, Colorado

Judith has the unique ability to tune in intuitively...not a skill that can be learned or purchased through a
class. She is naturally a brilliant EFT Practitioner, at the top of her field with her unlimited wisdom,
experience and sincere care for her clients. Anyone who sees her will be undoubtedly immediately benefited
and changed for the rest of their life...all for the best. She's a gem!  
-  Rachel Lane
Life Coach, Certified Financial Planner
Fort Collins, CO/Florida

Judith has been a God-send. She has helped me uncover and release issues that have been buried and have
kept me from living joyfully. We've even uncovered a bizarre association between money and peanuts! It's
very liberating! Judith responds to phone calls and e-mails promptly and has always made her support
available when I am working through the rough patches. Her knowledge of EFT and all it's nuances have
really helped me. I always look forward to meeting with Judith because of her warmth, understanding and
sense of humor. She is always available to give me suggestions on successful tapping when I'm on my own.
Her patience and guidance have given me the ability to cope with the stresses in my life and she is deeply
- Jo Ann V
Loveland, CO

Judith's desire to help others grow comes from a pure intent and core of truth, and that shines through in all
that she does. She is a sincere, kind and caring person with a relaxed and calming energy. Judith has an easy-
going style and wonderful sense of humor that immediately puts you at ease, and her passion for genuinely
helping people makes you feel totally engaged and supported, and you know that her support is unwavering
and comes from her heart. Judith provides a safe and very nurturing environment; and she quickly builds the
mutual respect and trust that is so important in this type of relationship. She is a very clear communicator
with the ability to quickly get to the core of an issue, then synopsizes and articulate that so you can more
clearly understand and focus on that core in your work. She is sensitive to what is going on with her clients,
gives clear instructions, and makes it easy to relax and enjoy the process; in fact she always finds a way to
make the work fun. Above all, Judith has a wealth of wisdom that feels like a specially wrapped gift for your
soul. She guided me through the maze and helped me find the simple answers that not only made sense, but
rang my soul's bell of truth. These simple answers, combined with her positive support and joyful
encouragement made me even more excited to take the next steps in my journey. I highly recommend Judith
−you will be blessed if you work with her!
- C. Walrath-Duran
Norwalk, CA

Thanks to Judith's work and guiding patience, my anxiety levels dropped tremendously. I was collapsing under
the weight of life's pressures. Judith and EFT gave me a new way to cope. After experiencing success in one
of my problem areas, I am now tapping my way through other areas of concern. I am grateful to Judith for the
individualized help that I have received.
- Yvonne Turk
Ankara, Turkey

Working with Judith has been one of the most enlightening and fulfilling things I've done in years! She has
helped me with a variety of physical, personal and emotional issues which were keeping me in my house
behind closed doors! Judith's interviewing and assessment skills are excellent and have assisted me to work
through issues quickly and completely. Judith's skills are effective for a very wide range of concerns. To
name a few, we've dealt with the fear of flying and driving, yoyo weight loss, recurring physical pain cycles,
and pet loss guilt and grief. She has even helped one of our rescue dogs who had been terribly abused and
was fearful of everyone and everything! It's so good to know Judith.
- Kathy Schrack

By my choice my last psychotherapy session was last week-- I finally felt it was time to leave the past behind. I
took a trauma test when I started and took it again when I quit. My therapist said it was the most dramatic
change for the better that she has ever seen in that short of time. There was nothing that I tested for that  
indicated I still needed clinical therapy as all my numbers had dropped drastically. I attribute a lot of it to you
and your working with me with PSYCH-K--to me this has been the quickest and most effective process in
helping my recovery.
-  LSW   Denver, CO    

Judith is an amazing individual. She is extremely qualified as an EFT practitioner and genuinely caring and
dedicated to her clients. She has helped me with many different issues both physical pain and emotional
sadness. I would recommend her (and have!) to anyone who has any emotional hurdles or physical infirmities
that need to be gone! As a bonus, she is one of the nicest people on the planet!
- Dr. Jinger Kellams
Chiropractor. Fort Collins, CO

"I met Judith when I was at a low point, feeling the effects of both being in a long-term toxic relationship and
the guilt and pain of having left it.  When I met her, I knew I had found a "diamond." Her positive enthusiasm
for her work and confidence in its power to transform was the beacon of light I needed at the darkest hour of
the night. I quickly realized her willingness to dig right in and help me uncover the sometimes vague issues
that hold us back from being who we really are. While initially skeptical of the outcome of a technique that
was so easy to use, the subtle and even profound results began to appear in my life. Since that time, Judith
has been a tremendous ally in my progress towards freedom. I have recommended her to many as the 'fast
track to getting there.'  Whatever your "there" is -- I high recommend you meet Judith and discover the
'diamond' I did."
-  Kerry Moutray, Business Owner
Loveland, CO
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