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Marriages fail every day, leaving in their wake
vulnerable and lonely men and women who wonder
how they will ever make it without a partner. Many
choose to rush into a new marriage, but the odds
against that marriage being successful are
overwhelming unless old issues are resolved and a
solid foundation is created on which to build a new
relationship. It would be easy to assume that anyone
who has gone through the painful process of divorce
would have learned something from it and would be
less likely to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Unfortunately, this is not always so. Entrenched life
patterns, if not identified and broken, can contribute to
the destruction of a second marriage just as easily as
they may have helped destroy the first one. Even when
you wholeheartedly believe the breakup of your
previous marriage is your ex-spouse’s fault, it is
important to remember that it is rarely if ever just one
person who “causes” a divorce. Often after it is too
late, a second-time newlywed finds out that even
though the new spouse is indeed different from the
first one, old patterns have been carried into the new
relationship by both partners. This book takes an in-
depth look at (a) the past and what helped create it,(b)
what might be going on in a present relationship, and  
(c) what needs to be considered before entering a new
marriage, especially one involving children.
There are few people who can honestly say they love everything
about their life and wouldn't change a thing. For the rest of us
there is always something we strive for, want to resolve, get
beyond, or do differently. However, motivation, patience,
perseverance and dedication. It also requires expanded thinking
and a plan that will ultimately lead in a different direction toward
something new. The questions that inevitably arise are what
should that direction be and how do I get there?

One of the biggest obstacles to change is not being clear about
we want. All of us are quick to identify what we don't want, but
find it harder to pin down what we do. Nine out of ten people,
when asked how they would like their life to change, are likely to
give vague answers such as, "I want more money," " I want a
different job,"  "I want to get out of a bad relationship," "I want to
live somewhere else," or “I just want to be happy.” While these
are all worthwhile objectives, they are not specific enough: how
much money? What kind of career or job? What kind of
relationship would you like to be in or out of? Where do you
want to live? Do you want to go back to school, take a year's
sabbatical, or travel around the world? Do you secretly long to
be an artist, a teacher, a poet, a drummer in a rock band or an
executive chef? Or, are you simply living day to day, vaguely
wanting something different but unable to put your finger on
exactly what it is you long for?

This book is written specifically to help you answer such
questions. It will help you determine what you really want,
inspire you to move out of your comfort zone, determine what is
blocking you, address your doubts and fears, withstand
negative influences from others, help you prepare for mental
and financial challenges, and determine if your timing is right.  
Ultimately you will also learn how to harness the power of your
mind to facilitate the changes you want to ma

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What does it mean to lead a richer and more colorful life?  There
can be various ways to define this, but the one that describes it
best is "to lead an amplified life." The word "amplified" itself
means to "make larger or more powerful; increase."  Thus an
amplified life is one that is infused with passion, creativity and,
most importantly, meaning and fulfillment.  Living life in that way
does not involve any particular thing or activity:  rather it is a
point of view and a different way of looking at the world.  It means:

•        Making the most of what we have
•        Recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities
•        Being willing and able to receive as well as give
•        Finding  joy in even the smallest of things
•        Throwing of the mental shackles that keep us stuck in place

The twice-monthly essays in this little book are intended as food
for thought to help you add interest, meaning and fulfillment to
your own life. Their purpose is to inspire and stimulate new ideas,
and to encourage you to find and do new or different things that
can add flavor to everyday living.
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The loss of a marriage or established relationship is a painful
experience that changes your  identity and rocks the very
foundation of your life.  Whether you or your spouse is the one
wanting out, getting through and beyond a divorce is not easy. It
may well be one of the most challenging  and difficult situations
you ever have to cope with in your life.  Facing  the uncertainty of
life without a spouse or partner may require you to fall back and
call on strengths you may not know you have. It takes courage to
forge on without knowing what lies ahead, but if you can reach a
point   where you can accept what happened and be at peace with
it you are sure to transcend the experience and be far wiser as the
result . You are now in uncharted waters--those you may have
never navigated before.The tools and strategies in this book are
intended to help you get past your pain, fear and discomfort and
plot a course to a new life and a new way of living.

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