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Both a teacher and a lifelong learner, my formal education includes a BFA
from the University of Denver, and an MA from the University of Colorado at
Boulder. My work experience includes both teaching various college level
courses and a long business career in Corporate America. I am a counselor,
professional writer, artist and an educator, and over the years I have used my
skills in a variety of ways to help people from all walks of life.

Several years ago I discovered that the secret to success (for anything) lies in
the power of our mind, and if we are genuinely going to make lasting changes
it has to happen at the subconscious level, literally from the inside out. It was
my desire for a career change that led me to pursue advanced training for the
energy healing techniques I use today that include EFT (Emotional Freedom
Techniques) PSYCH-K® and The Emotion Code. For 14 years I have had a
private stress management practice in Ft. Collins, CO that focuses on helping
other release trapped emotions, resolve emotional issues, and change
negative beliefs and behavior patterns that are limiting their lives and even
their income.

Late last year I made the decision to expand my work by creating short,  
self-paced online courses designed to help people overcome fears and
mental blocks that hold them back and even limit their income. These are
based on actual client issues and experiences, and all include lessons on EFT
and how to use it effectively for any issue. New courses are always in the
works, so stop by often to see what has been added.

If you have questions, would like to schedule an appointment, or need help
with one of my courses, please feel free to give me a call:

  970 218-8643
                                        Or send me an email
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Judith Albright
Life Change Facilitator
Stress Management Specialist
Judith Albright, MA
EFT Practitioner
PSYCH-K® Facilitator
The Emotion Code® Facilitato

Energy work can literally change your life, and how many sessions you should
schedule depends on what you ultimately hope to accomplish. However, it is
important for you to know that completely clearing trapped emotions, long
standing emotional issues, negative behavior patterns and sabotaging beliefs
that often go back to childhood will take more than one session.

Package rates are more economical for multiple sessions and offer an 18%


                           3-session package   $220.00
                           6-session package    $435.00

                              EMOTION CODE ONLY:
                                                       $60.00 per session
                                3 sessions for $150.00

    As a courtesy, please call or send me an e-mail at least 24 hours in advance
    if you are unable to keep your appointment.  
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