Tapping Works With Our Natural Instincts
Our hands carry an electromagnetic charge, and from birth we
instinctively use our hands to comfort ourselves. Have you ever
seen anyone hug themselves under stress?  Have you ever put
your hands up to your face or over your mouth when receiving bad
or shocking news? Have your ever clapped your hand to your
forehead under duress?  We unconsciously use our hands to
comfort ourselves in difficult situations and automatically reach for
natural comfort spots on our bodies many times each day. Tapping
intentionally uses this natural inclination to use our hands to bring
about a sense of calm and reduce pain.
             It’s All at Your Fingertips
EFT is applied by tapping with your fingertips on 10 acupuncture
meridians on the head and upper body. When you tap with your
fingertips you stimulate not only those meridians you are tapping on,
but those on your fingers as well. Normally you tap with your index
and middle finger with one hand, usually your dominant one.
However, the tapping points exist on both sides of the body so is
does not matter which side you use. Neither does it matter if you
switch sides during the tapping. You can also use more than two
fingers to cover a larger area

                  EFT is Powerful!  
Listen to what professionals and others have to say about it.
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Judith Albright, MA
EFT Practitioner
PSYCH-K® Facilitator
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About EFT

    Despite the fact that EFT has been applied successfully by many thousands of people
    for hundreds of physical and emotional ailments and limiting health conditions, there is
    no guarantee that EFT will be effective for your particular condition. These techniques
    are self-help tools that are only intended to be used in conjunction with, and never to
    replace other forms of medical or psychological treatment.
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