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                                      We are what we believe so,
Who is Really Running Your Show?

Our mind is actually comprised of two different belief systems—what we think we believe (in
our  conscious mind) and what we actually believe (in our subconscious mind). The reality is
that it  doesn’t much matter what our conscious mind does or does not believe—the
subconscious mind is really running the show. It is our stored beliefs (default programming)
that determine the limits of what we can achieve, how we behave and how we react to every
situation in our lives.

Do You Know What You Really Believe?

You may think you do but take a good look at your life. Does it look like a re-run of a bad
movie?  Are you feeling stuck and going nowhere?  Do you think of yourself as a victim?  Is
everything that happens to you someone else’s fault?  Have you been unable to get what you
want and need out of life?  When there is a conflict between conscious goals and
subconscious beliefs, the subconscious always wins. Conflict between the two levels of mind
is like driving a car with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake ─ you’re not getting
anywhere. Such “stuckness” can affect relationships, career and job performance, self-esteem,
prosperity and even physical health.        

    What Beliefs Might You Have That Are Affecting Your


Are you still hoping to find the right love interest but he or she hasn't shown up yet?  Do you
keep attracting the wrong kind of friends and partners? Do you have a history of relationships
that somehow never work out?  How you view relationships and your role in them is likely the
driving force. Isn't it time to open yourself  to new possibilities?      
                                                                                                           3 hours,  $49.00 per person

Finances and Prosperity?

Are you always worried about money -- not having enough, not being able to pay your bills, or
money running out? If  financial problems are dominating  and affecting the quality of your life,
perhaps it is time to take a good look at your attitude towards money and prosperity and find
out what you think you deserve or are willing to have.                3 hours,  $49.00 per person

Feelings of Being Stuck?

Is life not turning out as you planned? Are you feeling trapped or bored with life? Are you tired
of running in place and being pretty much in the same place you were you were five or ten
years ago?  What is holding you back?  There are reasons why  you are not moving forward ─
most likely your internal programming is the culprit.                    3 hours,  $49.00 per person

Workshops are offered in various locations in Ft. Collins, Colorado and can be sponsored by
private organizations.

*Minimum number required for each workshop:  6 persons

For more information about when and where a workshop might be scheduled or to find out
how your group could sponsor a workshop, call Judith at 970 218-8643  or submit the form
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