Note: An Emotion Code facilitator does not diagnose medical problems
    nor does The Emotion Code replace the need for medical attention or
    substitute for psychological counseling. What it can do is discover and
    release emotions trapped in the body that are contributing to mental
    and/or physical issues.
                 Time Heals All Wounds, Doesn't It?

We've  heard this expression all our lives, and while it may be true for physical wounds, it may not be
so for emotional ones. Throughout our lives we continuously experience all kinds of emotions. While
we would just as soon forget some of the more traumatic moments of our lives, their after effects can
stay with us indefinitely.  It may surprise you to learn  that you can be carrying past situations and
events around with you in ways you could never have imagined. Even though you think you have let
go of the emotional pain from something in your past and it's all behind you now, your body can still
be harboring the invisible energies from past emotions. These are the wounds that time cannot heal
without a little help.
                            What is the Emotion Code®?

The Emotion Code is a part of a simple but powerful self-help healing method known as "The Body
Code." It was pioneered over a period of 21 years by Dr. Bradley Nelson, who is a holistic
chiropractic physician and craniopath. Dr. Nelson is a specialist in the emerging fields of bioenergetic
medicine and energy psychology. He has developed a method of identifying and bringing trapped
emotions to the surface of the body where they can be neutralized and released with a magnet. A
complete explanation of the process can be found in Dr. Nelson's book
The Emotion Code, How to
Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness.    
                             What is a Trapped Emotion?

When certain emotions become too powerful for us to handle, the result can be a short-circuit that
becomes lodged somewhere in the body.  An emotion can become trapped at any age or even be
inherited. A trapped emotion is a ball of energy that seems to vary in size from that of a baseball to a
melon and is invisible. Wherever it entrenches itself, the energy field in that area becomes distorted. The
result can be self sabotage, psychological distress or physical illness or pain for which there is no
medical explanation.

Here is a list of life circumstances that often result in trapped emotions:

•        Loss of a loved one
•        Divorce or the end of a relationship
•        Financial hardship
•        Job loss and forced unemployment
•        Home or work stress
•        Miscarriage or abortion
•        Physical trauma
•        Physical or emotional combat
•        Physical, mental, verbal or sexual abuse
•        Negative self talk
•        Negative beliefs about yourself and others

                 How Does a Trapped Emotion Affect You?

If you have an emotion trapped in your body you will naturally attract more of that emotion to you.
For example, let’s say you have a trapped emotion of anger that you’ve unknowingly carried around
for years. As a result, whenever you encounter a situation where you could become angry, you are far
more likely get angry because a part of you is already vibrating with the frequency of anger.

If you are finding it difficult to understand why you can’t seem to shake certain emotions, it is usually
because that emotion is trapped somewhere in your body. Wherever a trapped emotion lodges itself, the
surrounding body tissues tend to fall into resonance with its vibrational energy. Until that trapped
emotion is released, you will continue to labor under the weight of it. The more trapped emotions you
have, the more negative energy you are radiating. This is why positive thinking and self help programs
aren’t always successful, and the Law of Attraction may not be working for you. Even worse, trapped
emotions can create depression, anxiety, prosperity and relationship issues, and interfere with the
normal functioning of your body’s organs and tissues.   
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